Kenji is one lucky pup. He was brought into a very loving home at 8 weeks and has lived the sweet life ever since. He loves meeting new humans and all types of animals. He enjoys playing fetch, running through the sprinklers, float trips, hiking, car rides and visits to Petsmart!

He is very smart and his humans make sure to keep his mind sharp with fun games, puzzles, consistent training and classes. Kenji recently went viral for his custom Built-in dog kennel under the stairs constructed by his cool human dad.

Kenji Facts

  • Kenji was born March 14th 2015
  • He was the only boy out of a litter of 4
  • He lives with 2 humans and 2 cat sisters
  • He loves to play hide and seek with his pop
  • He loves meeting new people


Kenji i very smart and loves learning new things. He’s been consistently in back to back classes since he was 16 weeks!

Puppy Preschool - 6 wks | Passed with flying colors!
Puppy Kindergarten - 6 wks | AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Grad!
Novice 1 Obedience - 6wks | Currently training
CGC , TDI classes - 6wks | Currently training
Novice 2 Obedience - 6wks | Not Started
Medley Classes - 6wks | Not Started



the fun enforcer



cuddler in chief



10yr old Sister

1st to befriend Kenji, but not much for playing. She just watches over her sheepdog giving the occasional kiss or slap in the face.

6yr old Sister

Once arch enemies, but now the best of friends after 6 months of warming up to Kenji. They happily play and chase all day long.